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Silence Along the River 2021

Single-channel video



VHS Archive 

Credit for Archive Abbas Abdulrazaq

In 1985 a group of Kurdish fighters, known as a Peshmerga, was on a mission to attack one of the military campuses in the north of Iraq. They took the Sirwan River by a small raft to cross the area controlled by the Iraqi army.

This footage is part of an old archive taken by my father, Abbas Abdulrazaq, a former Kurdish fighter and cameraman. He intended to film this group of Peshmerga during the mission. Despite all the risks they have taken, but the battle didn’t happen. Consequently, my father recorded them when they were singing a song.

I was very intrigued by his action, so I asked my father why this particular footage never showed before? He mockingly replayed who wish to watch a film that has no fighting scenes?

Silence Along the River

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