The map of Iraq

After Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, many unusual goods and products appeared in the bazaars of Iraq. These were things that had been looted from Kuwait by Iraqi soldiers and sold on the black market in order to pay for basic supplies for their families. During that time, I was a secondary school student. One day, a classmate, whose father was an Iraqi commander, brought several puzzle sliders into class, each with a picture printed on it of one of the Gulf countries, including the map of Iraq. Our teacher asked us to try and solve the puzzle slider of the map of Iraq for a Geography task, so that we could all pass in Geography without taking an exam. The challenge began, and throughout the day, all the students tried their hardest, but unfortunately the puzzle remained unsolved. At the end of the day, the teacher reminded us that the map of Iraq is very complex, and that we should never forget it.

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